Monday, 11 June 2018

Summer Salads

I hope you've been enjoying the warm weather. It's been glorious here in Devon and we've taken the opportunity to eat in the garden as much as possible. Salads are, of course, always popular when the sun is shining and they go well with anything you may have cooked up on the barbecue. 
Below I have added a few of my favourites. I haven't given quantities as it's all a matter of personal taste. These are merely ingredients that go well together. Add your favourite dressing and you're away!
Chicken, Walnut and Apple
Mixed salad leaves, plus cooked chopped chicken, sliced apple¸ and half a small tin of butter beans (add fresh coriander and spring onions – optional). Sprinkle walnuts.
Goat's Cheese, Beetroot and Mint
Mixed salad leaves plus sliced goat's cheese or Halloumi, sliced cooked beetroot (preferably not pickled) and fresh mint leaves (add few cooked or soya beans – optional).
Smoked Salmon, Lentil and Avocado
Mixed salad leaves, half an avocado sliced and smoked salmon with lots of lemon and black pepper. Serve on lentils with a little horseradish plus mayonnaise.
Smoked Mackerel, Fennel and Grapefruit
Add to salad leaves smoked mackerel fillets, sliced fennel and grapefruit slices - and serve on some ready cooked quinoa if you like.
Aubergine and Hummus
Mix cooked aubergine, olives with sliced beef tomatoes and rocket. Add marinated or fresh peppers and a scoop of hummus (homemade with coriander or basil ideally) – serve with pine nuts.

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