Friday, 21 October 2016

Three Things To Do With Apples

TWO people have given me apples this week. I made a lovely apple crumble but still had lots left over. A quick trawl of the internet threw up this Youtube video, Three Things To Do With Apples.

Apple and Chilli Jam
First up was Apple and Chilli Jam which looks amazingly quick and easy - and delicious. If  you have no desire to make jam, skip to around 3mins 12secs for a wonderful Pork and Apple Stew. The recipe included cider so, being a good old Devon maid, I used Sam's Cider from Winkleigh Cider.

Pork and Apple Stew

We had the stew for supper last night and it was wonderful and warming on a chilly autumn evening.

Lastly, there was a demo of how to make an Apple and Elderflower Tarte Tatin (beginning at around 7 minutes).  My apples are running out now, but I think I have enough left to give this a go. I hope to impress the relatives when they come round for Sunday lunch!

Apple and Elderflower Tarte Tatin

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